hello there. about me huh? see below for details.

my three most used emoji's are the girl with her hand sticking out embodying 'obviously', the monkey saying 'see no evil', and the upside down smiley face. i've traveled places, and i have a couple degrees. the first is a bachelors in urban design from the university of calgary, and the second is a masters in interior design from george washington university. washington, d.c. is home for the time being. i'm proud of who i am, and what i stand for. i'm stubborn as hell (ask my parents), i speak my mind, and i hate when people start telling you something, then say 'nevermind'. i'm canadian, but i hate the cold more than anything. i've never been skiing or snowboarding because i hate the cold and tend to hibernate during the winter. if someone tells me to do something without explaining why, i probably won't do it. i began getting gray hair when i was 19, and i now embrace it. i'm pretty tech savvy. snapchat is my go to social media outlet: ramzahsnapsback. oh, and lastly, i have little to no patience for people who complain about how horrible their life is. 

also, i tend to keep it 100.

my actual story

personally, i think i've already mentioned everything you need to know about me. but if you're looking for more of a resume then knock yourself out. 

i'm currently working at an interior design firm in d.c. as a design associate. i've been a revit tutor for a few years. i interned at builder's design. i worked contractually for the city of calgary in land use planning and policy. i used to sell diamonds. my first retail job was forever 21 and my childhood dream of being a cashier was crushed. i traveled to spain, italy, and greece studying environmental sustainability in the mediterranean, as well as in mexico city studying rapid urbanization. i speak english (obvs), as well as urdu and punjabi. but i really only speak punjabi to my grandma because everyone else laughs at me. i like to draw, but dislike painting. i prefer pen over pencil because every stroke counts. i've been doing henna since i was 10 and it's always been a source of inspiration for me. my masters thesis was about the effects of increased use of technology on teens.

there's so much more, but i'm trying to stay humble. for more work experience, hit that linkedin logo at the bottom of the page! 


"give your daughters difficult names. give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. my name makes you want to tell me the truth. my name doesn't allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right." - warsan shire