Oh my god, I'm doing this.

first off, i've owned this domain for two years, and i've been pushing off actually starting a website for three main reasons. first: i didn't want to spend more than $20. second: i had/have no idea what i want to do with it, because i want to do everything. third: sometimes i'm lazy. but tonight, at 10:15pm i decided to just suck it up and start this little journey. so i guess i'll start about why i wanted to do this in the first place...i mean it's obvious isn't it? who the hell doesn't want their name to have a .com after it? the other reason is that telling stories, writing things, and throwing it out into the world has kind of always been my thing. that's basically it. 

i don't really feel like repeating the 'about me' section here. so instead i'll talk about how i ended up in the profession that i'm in today (interior design). honestly...it was by accident. in high school i had a thousand different careers in mind. and often, you think that you're going to go to university, be great in everything, and go out into the world. but let's be real. you go to university, and you worry about nothing but your gpa. long story short, i ended up loving urban design, and that's what i majored in. first mistake i ever made was working in retail throughout my entire bachelor's degree. i should have done more internships, got more experience in my field, frankly nobody advised me to. so when i graduated with this expensive degree and began to apply for entry level jobs, i was confused as to why they were requiring a minimum or 3-4 years experience - like HELLO i just spent the last three years getting a degree and this is an ENTRY LEVEL JOB. but nope. the real world kicked my ass. i got a temp job working for the city of calgary, and oh my god the money was bliss. and i made some seriously good contacts - but i realized that my resume was competing with people who had 10 years of architecture and urban planning experience in dubai. so then, i decided to do my masters. i'll talk about that some other time. this is already way too long.